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Playground explores the volatile relationship of four people in a working class neighborhood. Set in and around a bodega, the characters’ seemingly mundane conversations about dead-end jobs, friendship, masculinity, pride, and, above all, desire, unearth an unconscious legacy of violence.

Written and directed by Derek Spaldo
With Aron Canter, WooJae Chung, Michel Morin, and Sarah Willis
Lighting: Rachel Chatham and Matas Kristie
Production Assistant: Allison Irvine

A Co-Production at THE BRICK, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
AUGUST 21 - 30, 2014


NY Theater Now

Boo York City

New School Free Press

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Scene from a Room

Scene from a Room explores the memories, longings, and neuroses of a man alone with his tuxedo.

Written and directed by Derek Spaldo
Performed by Jeff Kitrosser

Greenpoint Pre-Apocalyptic Theatre Festival, Saint Vitus, April 2013. 

PITCH screen shot
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Using overheard and original text, PITCH explores the dynamics between two men in the business world.

Written and directed by Derek Spaldo

1: Derek Spaldo
2: Aron Canter


Performed through 2012-2013 at Vaudeville Park, Triskelion Arts, Space on White, Cameo Gallery, AUNTS, La MaMa, and Greenpoint Pre-Apocalyptic Theatre Festival.

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